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Project Description

The idea behind reddit.write is to try and systematically analyze subreddits in order to improve post submissions. I came up with the idea after seeing that many times very similar posts get very different results in terms of up-votes and discussion. The only difference can be the wording or tone used by the post author in the post's title.

Enter, reddit.write. This service allows users to try out different thread titles, and see how well do we forecast they will make an impact. We analyze the topic selected, the wording, structure sentence and tone and customize according to the different subreddits.

You can try and play around with how you phrase a title, and see how our prediction score changes.

The basic version currently allows access to 10 popular subreddits and basic analysis info. Premium members are offered many more subreddits (and the list is constantly growing) and deeper analysis.


Reddit.Write is built in ReactJS. It leverages Reddit's API and user submitted data for creating the basic dataset that allows the analysis.

Wordcloud is created using the awesome React-WordCloud

Billing and subscriptions is handled by Paddle.

The project is hosted on Netlify

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