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Nespresso Index

product huntThe Nespresso index is my new favourite economic metric.
product huntHot new product on Product Hunt: Nespresso Index — The caffeinated version of the Big Mac Index.
product huntTodos conocemos el índice BigMac de The Economist. Ahora hay otro que es el Nespresso Index. Interesante.

Project Description

I always found the price differences in Nespresso Capsules when buying them at home and abroad staggering. The differences climb up to XXX% and are difficult to explain. I created the Nespresso Index as a way to track Nespresso Coffee Capsule prices. You can use the product to compare prices in different countries, calculate how much you save when ordering coffee from another country, and, learn about purchasing power pairity.

I was actually inspired by the Big Mac Index to build this project. The Big Mac Index is a longtime initiative of the Economist, trying to measure the relative strengths of currency by comparing the relative prices of a uniform product sold in different countries. Like the Big Mac Index, it allows one to estimate whether a currency is over/under valued against another.

You can follow my calculation and assumptions in an article where I try to examine if a Nespresso capsule may indicate that the USD is overhyped.


Nespresso Index is built in ReactJS. It based on a bi-yearly price updates taken from Nespresso websites. Currency data is pulled from a Google Spreadsheet that contains current currency prices for all countries.

Some other packages that I used for building this include:

  • fontawesome (for reactJS)
  • apexcharts
  • react-ga
  • react-router
  • react-select
  • react-tooltip
  • react-top-loading-bar

The entire project is self hosted on DigitalOcean's servers, which I have been using for years and are doing a tremendous job in keeping a high level of service, great performance and are very affordable.

If you use the link above to purchase one of their services, you get $100 of credits. If you actually spend money with them, I get $25.

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