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product huntWhat a great idea for a project, I love exploring people's personal sites, they have so much more personality than social media profiles.
James Daly
product huntNeed some inspiration for your portfolio/personal site? I completely forgot about Man facepalming It's a brilliant collection of personal sites by creatives
Jhey Tompkins
product huntHey, I'm Matt. Copywriter in training from Somerset. Favourite website. huh? Really been digging nice to see loads of different creative approaches to portfolio websites. #freelanceheroes
Matt Sibley
product huntA lot of inspiration at this site (kind of the Dribbble of personal sites) -
Justin Cauchon
product huntAwesome repository to source inspiration, nice work 🙌
Lachlan Kirkwood

Project Description:

HUMANS is the Internet's biggest repository of personal websites. It's a collection of sites of all kinds, built on various platforms, by people from all around the world. It enables one to find inspiration for creating their own site, to understand what makes one site great and the other less so. It allows to find the professionals or the platforms that help you build your personal dream site.

HUMANS was launched on the summer of 2019, and following a successful Product Hunt submission it got a lot of press and traction.

Some highlights include this newsletter sent by Product Hunt to its readers and a feature article on Fast Company.

I also wrote about quite a lot, for example, this piece, which was advertised in Medium's Ascent magazine, telling the story of why I launched HUMANS.


Humans was launched almost on pure vanilla JS. After I had to scale it due to heavy load of users, I switched to ReactJS, backed up by a MongoDB database.

Despite not open-sourcing the code as it contains some algorithmics that needs to be kept behind the scenes, this is the list of packages I used to build it:

  • lodash (actually included in Create-React-App)
  • react-cookie
  • react-ga
  • react-images-upload
  • react-lazy-load
  • react-router
  • react-top-loading-bar

The entire project is self hosted on DigitalOcean's servers, which I have been using for years and are doing a tremendous job in keeping a high level of service, great performance and are very affordable.

If you use the link above to purchase one of their services, you get $100 of credits. If you actually spend money with them, I get $25.

Let's talk about making awesome products, about productivity, about making the most out of life.

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