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About me (the short version)

Koby Ofek

In case you don't want to read the long version here is something a little more digestible:

  1. I operate the biggest personal website repository in the world. It's called HUMANS and it's awesome.

  2. I love making different types of projects. I'm a full stack entrepreneur and maker, and I constantly cook something.

  3. I'm passionate about knowledge curation, writing and reading. Lately I made fun projects like the This Snack Does Not Exist and Reddit Write.
    I treat this website as my digital garden and I put here stuff that I cherish and want to share with the world. I water my digital garden often and add a lot of content.

  4. I really enjoy coding, and my tools of the trade include reactJS, redux, gatsbyJS, nodeJS and everything that is awesome with Javascript. I coded many years in PHP and didn't look back after I switched.

  5. I read a lot. Usually about 2 books a week, fiction and non-fiction, blogs, papers, writings on the back of household products, the works. I estimate that I read over 50,000 words a day, which is about 5 times of what the average person is reading. I love helping people to discover the joy of reading and teaching how to read.

  6. I'm a big coffee fan. I drink it religiously. I talk about it a lot, and i'm interested in the economics of coffee. I created platforms like and the Nespresso Index that deal with different aspects of coffee.

  7. I used to work for Google, and was one of the founding teams of Google in Israel. I have nothing but good words to say about my 7 years in Google and about the people who worked with me.

  8. I'm well versed on western philosophy. I did my master's degree in Philosophy and I'm inspired by the works of scholars like René Descartes, Immanuel Kant and Hegel. I refer to philosophy a lot when I write and I believe that critical reasoning is the correct approach for any problem in life.

  9. I'm very productive and efficient. I work very fast, I use numerous productivity tools to organize my life and my goals, make sure I'm on top of all my tasks and projects and I'm very expressive about productivity tools and systems. I see productivity as a way of life and I believe that in the time we have here we need to get as much done as possible.

  10. I ride my bicycle to get from one place to another, I'm a professional houseplant assassin, a brilliant indian food cook and an aspiring fortune teller.

Let's talk about making awesome products, about productivity, about making the most out of life.

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