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There's no wrong in trying to find the outermost limits of productivity

A recent New York Times op-ed condemns people's desire to be uber-productive. A perspective from someone who identifies writing to-do lists as a hobby.

Slaughtering an idea

Haruki Murakami's latest is a research in self understanding. What does one need to do to get to know himself? It's a brutal, frightening process, but also one that left me, as a reader, with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

In defense of being an asshole

Jaron Lanier names 10 arguments to quit social media right now. He gives some compelling reasons but are they relevant for everybody? Book Review.

Getting Things Done

17 years after the first time, I re-read Getting Things Done. A bit less naive about it, I found quite a lot of value and a few tips that keeps my mind engine going.

On Reading, Marcel Proust

Like his longings and the rabbit hole memories opened by a Madeleine cookie, reading evokes similar sensations in Proust. It does also for me.

What makes something a digital garden?

I reflected lately about gardening, content creation and beauty. The result was that I made myself want to get some weeders and planters, and tidy up my little corner on the web.

My predictions for the second half of 2020

2020 has been a strange cookie. Can it get any more weird? I give it my best shot and guess how things will eventually fold out for the universe and a little closer to home.

My failed attempt to build a second brain

For years I'm trying to be more productive. I outsource ideas, thoughts and memories but I'm never pleased. It took a while for me to comprehend that my problem is in philosophy and not in productivity.

Can a Nespresso Coffee Capsule indicate that the US Dollar is overhyped?

Nespresso got it pretty much right in terms of branding and marketing. They built a sales machine that pumps like crazy and is based on meticulous mind training of its loyal customers. Pop into any Nespresso boutique around the world, and you will fill right at home. Capsule pricing, however, are a much different story.

How a Blue Spinning Genie Pushed Me to Launch My Startup 🏃

I've had personal websites for as long as I remember myself. Until I suddenly didn't. While in the desert of personal web presence, it hit that it's not easy to find the right platform to publish stuff on the web. Until I remembered the blue genie who accompanied me in my youth.

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